A sales CRM system is a software that manages your marketing campaigns, leads, opportunities, tasks, contact details of both prospective & actual customers. It helps in managing and monitoring sales team from anywhere, anytime.

  • Gives you a very high-end and detailed business health by a management dashboard.
  • Manages various marketing campaigns to generate leads & enquiries.
  • Actively manages and tracks all development on both old & new business leads.
  • You can connect to the entire team centrally by a single device.
  • Very intelligently captures and tracks communications and customer e-mails, etc.
  • Easy task management to make your time efficient.
  • Streamlines your prospects & customers engagement and results in business growth.

SAAS stands for Software as a Service. It is a process of delivering software to the user on the internet as a service paid either on monthly, quarterly or annual basis to the service provider. The system will be accessed by the internet browser, through a secured login id and password.

Yes, it is 100% useful for your sales team at any location in any hierarchy. Very simple and user friendly.

Yes, this system is just like normal and simple, easy to use mobile application. Any non technical person can use and enjoy working on a CRM system like this.

Yes, definitely we can help you in the migration process of your legacy data. This will be an additional paid service to GrowthFactor CRM, and will be billed separately to the customer. But once done completely, you can enjoy rest of the time smoothly over the web.

Yes, this system is meant for both field and inside sales team. They can use the system very easy through their phone browser & other mobile devices connected to internet.

Yes, it works on mobile as well. There is no need of any mobile app, it will simply work on your mobile browser.

Yes sure. You can upgrade it anytime. Just let us know your credentials and details for the same. It will be done within 2 working days after a confirmation e-mail from your admin’s registered e-mail id, along with advance payment and a fresh P.O. for the service upgrade.

YES. If you buy more than 500 user licenses in a single purchase order

NO, not at all. It is your data and you can export and save the desired file anytime at your end.

YES, of course

Well, it totally depends on your internal business process. But in 80% of cases it takes 7 to 8 working days to configure the system for your team. If you need extensive customization and configuration, then it may take few weeks as well.

GrowthFactor CRM is flexible enough to customize itself to fit according to your needs. If GrowthFactor CRM can adapt to 70% of your business process, then we will definitely help you to customize remaining needs at reasonable extra cost.

Reach directly to our sales team and discuss your scope of customization.

GrowthFactor CRM has powerful permissions, by which you can limit the access of other person into the system. Even you can prevent your users from printing or exporting data if needed. So only authorized person can export data from the system. Hence safeguarding the mishandling of your precious data of leads and customers.

Yes, 100% feasible and also advisable to reduce time & cost.

NO. You can buy more space and go on expanding when needed.

Of course! We are using industry standard secured servers from leading cloud solution providers with 100% security and data backups. Your data is even more secure than at your office and yes, we really mean it.

They get any support they need to implement CRM in their organization. Even we can do minor customization for them without any cost.

Yes, if there is no payment of the last invoice within 15 days, then there will be a humble request & a reminder e-mail to you. We’ll wait for next 7 days, and then final intimation to your team to pay immediately. If no payment, then system will be on hold. Then you can only login and see the business dashboard only. You will not be allowed to make any entry, edit & delete.

Well, we don’t want our customers to go away, but then also if you insist to move on, then we’ll request to you for a formal e-mail to our support team, stating your reason, month and date from which you want to stop the service. Reasons help us to improve our offerings.

Sure, you can do that. Just let us know over the e-mail. Our consultants will contact you for user details, and will do the needful. If user licenses added, then from next invoice, you will get add on in the amount, and vice versa (but not below the minimum limit as defined in the price sheet).

Yes, there will be a detailed training video, which will be shared with the customer after the implementation is over.

GrowthFactor CRM is hosted on public cloud environment, but all environments are complete separate from each other with multi layer security. Hence no one can even peek into any other’s environment & data. It 100% secure and in safe-hands. Rest assured

Yes, you can download / extract the data whenever you wish to, and keep it in your local hard drive.

Feel free to call directly to our support team, and also write an e-mail to our support team, with complete detail and if possible put the screen shot of the issue page. We’ll get back to you very quickly. Make sure you give valid mobile number with ISD code & state code, along with your skype id, to expedite the process.

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